One day Danny Tanner and Ronald McDonald were in the back of the Black Van parked at the Detroit Elementary School waiting for Billy to come outside.

"What is for lunch, Danny Tanner?" asked Ronald McDonald.

"Meatballs." replied Danny Tanner with a smile on his face.

Danny drove the Black Van to the Meatball Store, which took about 2 minutes just because they took a shortcut though a couple buildings. They went into the drive thru. The window opened and there stood Meatball Man, the owner of the Meatball Store.

"Hey Danny Tanner and Ronald McDonald. What do you want from the meatball store?" asked Meatball Man.

"Meatballs." they replied.

Meatball Man took a Ziploc bag with 5 1/2 meatballs inside of it out of his pocket. He handed the bag to Danny Tanner and asked for fifty bucks and Danny gave it to him.

Then they drove off and ate their meatballs.

The End